Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Justice System Unjust?

Judge Markmans supply
Augusta GA - Local attorney Joe Neal arrested for raping 18 year old after giving her alcohol and marijuana. Joe Neal in the News Defense attorney George D. Bush arressted for cocaine and trying to infuence a witness. Fort Worth Family Court Attorney Clifford Lee Bronson arrested for DWI. Vero Beach FL, Judge Catherine Nelson Arrested for DUI. Atlanta GA, Senior U.S. District Judge Jack T. Camp arrested for firearms, buying cocaine and roxycontin and partying with strippers.U.S. District Judge is Bad Boy. College StationTexas – Guadalupe County Judge Michael Wiggins was arrested Monday in Brazos County after he was caught with 20.1 grams of marijuana. This would be so much easier if they'd just legalize pot!,. Knoxville TN - Criminal Court Judge Richard Baumgartner arrested for buying oxycotin from ex inmate. Brookhaven MI Lawrence County Justice Court Judge Bobby Fortenberry arrested on felony drugs charges......2.5 GRAMS of crystal meth. Los Angeles CA - Attorney Kenneth Markman, 47, was arrested for drug charges. Now were talking about a little pot or cocaine here. No no. Mr. Markman got busted smuggling 26 balloons of heroin and meth, needles and marijuana to a gang member being held at the courthouse.REALLY? I dont about you, but that was just stupid.

I didnt past the second Google page to find this information. I was scared to look any more.

Listen - I love to party just like the next partier. I have my days with drugs and alcohol. I am last the last person on earth that cast judgement on peoples extra curricular activities unless your not taking care of your kids or not paying your bills etc. However, Im just a squirrel in this world - trying to get a nut. Im not rich, in a position of power and for the most part, Im invisible. These Judges and Attorneys are the law. If you happen to get arrested or are falsely accused of a crime. These are the people representing you and judging you. For the record - yes, most attorneys and judges remain to be pillars of society. That or they are really good at not getting caught.

If you read my other post, you know im fighting for custody of my two young children. In 2007, my first ex husband made allegations of abuse and coersed my daughter to say I beat her with sticks on video. I proved myself innocent within months but the case took 2.5 years and I got a little over 50% custody. My current ex husband got custody by revealing my addiction to pain killers even though I had been sober for 7 months. He was a narcissistic mental abuser and alcholic. But because he made the original accusation so my allegations were not even looked into.

When the Judge on my first case decided not to be involved, didnt make any judgement calls, met with the attorneys without my knowledge, let the case go on for years, leaving me in a state of irreversible depression - I lost all respect for Judges, the Judicial System and Guardian Ad Litems. Court is where people with money go to get their way because the people who are suppose to uphold the law, are criminals and sociopaths like the plaintiffs.

So now I have face the Judge two more times in attempts to get my children back. The judge doesnt like me and frankly, I dont give a damn. I have no idea what this man does at home, how much he drinks, how he treats his wife, what pills he takes or if he believes in God but he gets to make a judgement about me based on what my abusive husband claimed. In my divorce hearing, this Judge made a snap judgement before I even plead my case. The guardian, the Judge and my idiot ex husband all just made assumptions. You can assume a person does drugs or abuses their children all day long but you better be able to prove it. Look at Casey Anthony - prime example. The woman admitted she knew her child had died or been killed but the proscecutors couldnt prove it - not even with a confession.  A little ironic....dont cha think?

Is this what the world is coming to? Aren't we all entitled to a fair hearing? Shouldnt there be some way to protect ourselves from false allegations?

Let me know your thoughts - more importantly your advice.

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