Thursday, April 12, 2012

Need Legal Advice - Georgia Attorneys

If you have 2 custody cases brought on by an ex-husband and a husband seeking divorce is it legal to have the same judge and Guardian ad Litem?

My now second ex-husband teamed up with my first husband and used very personal information about my addiction to take my children. My first ex had my van followed and I was not driving it. My second ex used that information in his case and my first will use it in the case coming up. Shouldn't their be a law or something that in situations like this , the 2 men not be allowed to speak and gossip? Shouldn't I have a different judge and GAL assigned to each case? Both men are proven liars. The first ex has already accused me of abusing my daughter in 2007. It was deemed false allegations. Now he's in cahoots with my 2nd husband and its like the story gets bigger than I can handle.

The allegation is that Im on drugs. I have given 8 drug screens in 8 straight weeks but they were concerned with the girl driving my car who was on drugs, admitted it and went to rehab. They have no evidence that Im currently taking pain medication other than me stating that I had a problem once before and that I was working on it. And I am.

Is there any legal loop hole hear? Ive spent $40k this time, $35k the last and Im broke. HELP please! I just want a fair trial. The judge doesnt like me......

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